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    Coronavirus Statement

    Updated: November 15th 2021

    All tours now postponed to 2022.

    As of August 2021 U.S. and EU travelers who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus are allowed to visit England and Scotland without having to quarantine.

    The spread of COVID-19 is naturally of concern for Joyce’s Ireland Hiking Tours customers. I understand that the uncertainty regarding travel is frustrating, and I want to assure you that I am monitoring the issue carefully.

    The wellbeing and holiday enjoyment of my guests is my priority. Joyce’s Ireland Hiking Tours and all guides and suppliers are committed to high hygiene and health standards.

    As a travel company with trips in 5 different countries, we are prepared for adverse and unexpected situations. We prioritise the security and safety of our guests and employees above all else.

    We intend to run all of our other trips from April 2022 as follows:-

    “England’s Lake District” Tues 26 Apr to Weds 4 May 2022

     “Highlands and Islands of Scotland” Mon 9 May to Wed 18 May 2022

    “Into the West” Weds 25 May to Sun 30 May 2022

    “Hidden Ireland North” Weds 1 June to Tues 7 June 2022

    “Hidden Ireland South” Tues 7 June to Weds 15 June 2022

    “Walking in Wales” Weds 10 Aug to Thur 18 Aug 2022

    “Hidden Ireland South” Weds 17 Aug to Thur 25 Aug 2022

    “Highlands and Islands of Scotland” Sun 28 Aug to Tues 6 Sept 2022

    Please be assured that the following precautions will be in place during your tour with Joyce’s Ireland Hiking Tours:

    Drivers and Transportation:-

    We will complete the relevant Government-endorsed COVID-19 safety rules, demonstrating that we can operate safely. We will ensure  implementation of health, hygiene & safety protocols, to the strictest levels.

    • We agree to follow the recommended cleaning and safety guidelines 
    • All drivers have completed hygiene and safety control training

    Hotels and Guest Houses:-

    There will be a sufficient supply of hand sanitisers, wipes, paper towels and disinfectant materials.

    ‍Face masks will be available at all times, but we would much prefer if you bring your own recyclable masks.

    You should expect to see cleaning staff around at all accommodations.  Staff will wear gloves and face masks / visors whilst cleaning your room.  Staff will be regularly washing their hands and hand sanitiser will be available to them at all times

    There will be additional cleaning of public areas, especially of common touch points,

    Bedroom keys are sanitised on departure.  Reception desks are wiped down after each arrival/departure.  

    Adequate social distancing space will be allocated in the areas where we dine, either in our hotel dining rooms or outside restaurants.


    Masks will not be required when hiking, but social distancing will be maintained.  When in public areas indoors masks will need to be worn.  You should carry a mask at all times.  Participants will be required to wash hands at every possible opportunity. 

    I look forward to welcoming you on your tour in 2022.  In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.

    All the best


    Last updated: November 15th 2021