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    Coronavirus Statement

    Updated: August 2023

    The wellbeing and holiday enjoyment of my guests is my priority. Joyce’s Ireland Hiking Tours and all guides and suppliers are committed to high hygiene and health standards.

    As a travel company with trips in 5 different countries, we are prepared for adverse and unexpected situations. We prioritise the security and safety of our guests and employees above all else.

    Please be assured that the following precautions will be in place during your tour with Joyce’s Ireland Hiking Tours:

    Drivers and Transportation:-

    We will complete the relevant Government-endorsed COVID-19 safety rules, demonstrating that we can operate safely.

    We will ensure  implementation of health, hygiene & safety protocols, to the strictest levels.

    • We agree to follow the recommended cleaning and safety guidelines 
    • All drivers have completed hygiene and safety control training


    Masks will not be required when hiking.  

    Your responsibility

    • Do not join the tour if you have symptoms of Covid-19, 
    • Do not join the tour if you have to self-isolate because of a positive Covid-19 test, or because you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19.
    • Please wear a face covering if it desired.  You should bring your own masks.
    • Please follow health and safety instructions which are given by your guide and any supplier and their staff we use during your tour.
    • Wash your hands at every opportunity and use hand sanitising products that are provided for your use, or bring your own.
    • You must acknowledge that you are travelling with us at your own risk, and you agree that you will not hold our company or staff nor any supplier we use during your holiday liable if you contract COVID-19 virus during the holiday.
    • If you, or a member of your household contract Covid-19 up to two weeks before the tour, please let us know immediately.  
    • If you contract Covid-19 during your tour, you will be asked to exit the trip, along with any room-mate you may have.  There are no isolation rules any more in the UK and Ireland, you can choose to either return home early or stay on in the UK or Ireland at your own expense.  (Whichever you choose we request that you remain respectful of others and wear a mask at all times).  Therefore you definitely need to be covered by insurance.

    Insurance: you will need travel insurance cover.  In the event of your contracting Covid-19 during your vacation, you need specific cover, for example: AXA insurance, please have

    a look at their website: https://covid-19.axa-travel-insurance.com

    All the best


    Last updated: August 2023